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Working hard: Component parts

working hard

Working hard: Component parts

We recently looked at working hard vs. hard work.  Let’s explore the component parts of working hard.

Work definition: activity involving mental or physical effort in order to achieve a result.

Simply put, work means getting something done.

Hard definition #1: putting a lot of energy into an activity.

Energy definition: Acting or being active.  A positive force.

Based on the above, “Work Hard” means being active and a positive force in order to get things done.

At my company – The Tax Research Company (TTR); we go over and practice different characteristics designed to help us practice bringing positive energy and becoming a positive force – for yourself and those around you. But in the end, we need to bring it all together and get things done!

Work Hard my friends!

Here are the other component parts that we go over:

  1. Care – bring a positive attitude to all you do and all those around you.
  2. Understand – believe that even the most difficult things can be understood and seek to do so.
  3. Make it Simple – prove to yourself that you understand by making it simple and make it easier for those around you to understand as well.
  4. Be the Best – bring the positive attitude of doing things the best – to accomplish being the best – that should be exciting!
  5. Do the Impossible – believe it can be done – embrace being the positive force that can make anything happen despite all those that say otherwise.
  6. Do it Right – focus on the accuracy of everything done and believe that things can get done right and don’t ever quit until they are right.
  7. Create the Future – know that everything we do today shapes our tomorrow and that with positive actions today, a positive future will be shaped.
  8. Work Hard – Nothing beats working hard.  The more you work at becoming an expert, the faster you will master the use of work tools, tasks, and getting projects done.  Other experts can always tell how much work you put into a task or project – because they too were where you are today.  Working hard should feel good.  There should be a strong sense of accomplishment when you get good at a task.
  9. Win – Achieve your goals.  Whether they are daily goals, weekly goals, or longer term.  When you do, enjoy the feeling of success – it feels good to win!  In everything you do, focus on accomplishing your goals and accomplish them – this is winning!  So win!
  10. Be Kind – As you move through your career, you will run into professionals that are less experienced and those that have far more experience.  Treat them all with kindness.  Becoming an expert goes far beyond knowing things.  It means that others want to use your expertise and work with you.  It would be rather silly to be an expert and have few or no people willing to work with you.  Make it safe for those that are still learning to reach out to you for help by treating them with kindness; not act as a know it all.  Make it safe for those that know more than you to give you guidance; not act upset because they made the time to help you.  Be kind.  This may be the most important part of becoming an expert.
  11. Be Thankful –   Becoming an expert requires help from others.  Help from other experts who make the time to help you advance in your career.  Help from other members of your team that work along side you to accomplish projects.  Make the time to express gratitude towards them all.  Becoming an expert goes far beyond knowing things.  It means that others want to use your expertise and work with you.  It would be rather silly to be an expert and have few or no people willing to work with you.  Be grateful for others.  Your gratitude towards others will encourage them to want to work with you and use your expertise.
  12. Have Fun – Your career will be as fun as you make it.  Sure, you can be serious about becoming an expert.  You can also have fun.  The two can coexist.  Make every day fun. Make every project fun.  Make every task fun.  Make learning fun.  Make every daily plan fun.  Make every weekly report fun.  Make your career fun.