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Win | Succeed

winning success

Win | Succeed

“Win” is simply defined as being successful at something. “Succeed” is simply defined as achieving a desired result.

A result is something done.

We WIN because we get things DONE.

In fact, an organization or an individual who works around planning, doing things, and completing tasks is constantly winning and succeeding. Daily plans, meetings, completing tasks, weekly reports – all of these tools help keep us focused on winning (getting things done).  Getting things done is the focus of every day.  It is the foundation of why an organization WINS.

It is worth noting that:

Winning has nothing to do with others losing.
Winning has nothing to do with beating the competition.
Winning has nothing to do with being “better” or “smarter.”

Winning happens when we get things DONE.  In fact, winning only happens when we get things done.

Don’t focus on a competitor doing poorly. Don’t ever celebrate someone else losing. These are distractions and take focus off what works – a focus on getting things DONE.

Focus on getting things DONE and we all WIN.  Get distracted by what others are doing and to that degree less gets DONE and we WIN LESS.

Plan your day. Get the things you plan DONE. Don’t quit until you do!

Winning Looks Like:
Things are simple.
Knowing what needs to get done.
Knowing how to get things done.
Trying and succeeding in getting things done.
Getting things done, but not when you planned to – might be late.
Getting things done.
Getting things done correctly and “on-time”
A smile.

Losing Looks Like:
Being confused.
Things are complicated.
Not knowing what needs to get done.
Not knowing how to get things done.
Trying, but failing to get things done.
Not getting things done, but getting something else done when you didn’t plan to (late).
Not getting things done.
Doing things, but they are done incorrectly. 
A frown.