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What prevents winning, and how to handle it


What prevents winning, and how to handle it

WIN – a successful result in an activity.

SUCCESS – the accomplishment of a purpose (goal).

ACCOMPLISH – complete something.

 WIN “simplified” — getting what you planned to get done. WINNING means getting things done. 

In order to WIN, it is as important to focus on getting things done as it is to be aware of what prevents getting things done (prevents WINNING). So what “prevents” WINNING? 

Anything that prevents things from getting done — also prevents WINNING.  Here are some of the big things that prevent things from getting done and prevents WINNING.

Failing to understand.

Getting distracted. 

Frustration, Upset, and Anger.

Invalidating yourself.

How do you handle those things that prevent WINNING?

Understand. Learn.  Look up everything.  If there is something you don’t know, invest in yourself – make the time to get smarter by looking things up. Ask questions.  If something is confusing, ask someone who knows or understands.  Make sure you understand before you start to get things done. Make it simple.  If you can explain it simply, you understand.

Confirm.  Confirm your understanding before you start.  You will have more confidence in getting something done if you confirm that you understand with someone who does understand.

Find and isolate distractions. Be aware that distractions will happen.  It is okay to get distracted, they happen. Isolate distractions.  Spot them.  Does the thing you are focused on help you get what you plan to get done?  If not, it is probably a distraction.  Minimize time spent in distractions.  Don’t get trapped in distractions.  Distractions can tie up hours or entire days.  Plan your day — plan in times to get distracted and times to get things done — make time for distractions, don’t let them trap you without your permission.

Quickly recover from emotional distress. “Clear your head” – Take a walk or get away from your desk for a while. Do something fun for a while. Talk to a friend — do so to move out of the emotional distress, don’t swim in it. Talk to someone that is good at getting the thing done you want to get done — they will often have good advice and probably have experience the same emotions you are feeling. 

Remember no one is there to protect you from yourself, when you turn on yourself. If something isn’t getting done, it is usually because there is something you don’t fully understand.  Seek understanding.  Don’t seek to invalidate yourself or make less of yourself.  Everyone gets confused at times.  Everyone runs into situations where they don’t know what to do.  It isn’t you.  It’s normal.

Remember that professionals WIN all the time — they get things done all the time.  You are no exception.  You have succeeded many times before and you will succeed again.  Believe in yourself. Take a few moments to remember when you did WIN.  Sometimes taking a few moments to celebrate you is what you might need to stop picking on you. 

Talk to someone that believes in you and knows you are a WINNER.  Sometimes hearing how amazing you are from someone that cares about you is exactly what is needed to stop picking on yourself.