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Shon Holyfield blog post What it means to Wait


Wait is simply defined as:  to stay where one is or delay action until something else happens.
Success is simply defined as:  getting something done.

Wait means that nothing gets done.  Action is delayed.  Things sit still.  Things don’t get done, they sit.
Wait is not “patience.”  Patience is simply defined as the capacity to tolerate delay or trouble without getting upset or angry.  It is okay to be patient.  It is okay to tolerate delay. 

There are, of course, situations in life where waiting is necessary.  Being patient is important to get through these times.  Yet, I encourage you to find a way to take action now to get things done.  You can do so without losing patience.  You’ll find that your success (getting things done) increases significantly when you find ways to do things now instead of waiting. 

Winning happens when we succeed in accomplishing tasks.  Tasks get accomplished when action is taken to complete them.  Action is taken when we don’t wait. 

I was trying to drive home from a fourth of July fireworks display and the cars were at a standstill.  After about 10 minutes of sitting there, a person in my car said, “I’ll be right back.”  They got out of the car, walked up to the front and started directing cars to move in an order that allowed cars to get out of the stuck traffic.  I remember feeling a bit uncomfortable at first, but as I watched them and the people in the cars waving and smiling and giving “thumbs up” for the help – it really hit me how powerful it can be to take action now and not wait.  How many lives can be improved if you are willing to have the courage to find a way to do something now. 

We got out of the parking lot in less than 10 minutes after that person decided not to wait.  A lot of other people also were able to get on their way to their homes.  I’m not encouraging you to direct traffic, I’m simply giving an example of where I observed someone take action (not wait). 

I remember as a child hearing the phrase “good things come to those who wait.”  My grandmother heard me repeat this phrase once.  She smiled and pulled me aside and said, “it’s true, sometimes good things come to those who wait, but good things will most certainly come to those that do things now.”  The message was, don’t wait.  My grandmother is 96 years old and still actively doing things every day – she doesn’t wait – she takes action and she’ll tell you it has helped her live a long life because of it. 

Planning your day probably doesn’t say “wait to do… [list of things].”  It is a list of things you plan to do – not plan to wait to do…  Take action.  When you run into situations where you don’t know what to do (which happens to all of us) – find a person that has done the task successfully and ask them what to do.  Don’t wait.  Wait should be a “four letter word” in your career.  Do it now and you’ll find success is right around the corner.