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Radiate Kindness


Radiate Kindness

Radiate is simply defined to mean:  create and send out waves of something.

Kindness is simply defined to mean: being friendly, generous, and smart not to hurt others.

Radiate Kindness means to send out waves of friendliness, generosity, and actions that avoid hurting others.

This morning I saw this sign in downtown Portland.  The sign says “Radiate Kindness”  What was neat about this message – apart from the beautiful message itself was the painting beneath it.

It says “everything will grow.”  I don’t know if the two signs were planned to be next to one another, but they are very smartly paired.

Radiating Kindness will make everything grow… that you would want to grow.  Radiating kindness will help grow positive relationships.  Radiating kindness will help grow more positive energy in the world.  Radiating kindness will help grow more kindness.  Radiating kindness will help happiness grow.  Radiating kindness will help love grow.

Let’s radiate kindness in everything we do today.  Let’s also practice radiating kindness every day.  So that the things we want to grow in this world can be harvested by all.