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Problem solving


Problem solving

My thoughts on problem solving…

SOLVE – find an answer to a problem.

PROBLEM – a situation to be dealt with or overcome.

Once you have solved a problem – it becomes EASIER to solve the same problem again.

Step 1 – Clearly name what the problem is that requires a solution.

PROBLEM: How do we increase our invoice amounts in a single month? What exactly needs to be done to invoice X dollars in a single month?

Step 2 – Find WILLING professionals who really WANT to solve the problem. Name them.

PROFESSIONALS: Charlie, Diane, Robert, Jake, Julia

Step 3 – Decide to solve the problem

DECISION – only you can decide if you want to solve this problem – not surface level decision, but “I’m not going to stop until I solve it.”

Step 4 – Persistence 

Don’t stop until problem is solved. Don’t stop trying to solve it either – constantly work on solving it.