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Organize, plan and direct

planning organizing

Organize, plan and direct

Making the time to organize, plan, and direct yourself and/or others to accomplish tasks is essential to positive leadership.  Creating a plan each day with details about what you intend to get done is leadership.  You are leading yourself.  You set yourself up to be able to lead others.

Organizing the activities of groups, planning out the sequence of tasks, and directing others to accomplish projects is an essential part of leadership.  When you are well planned and those plans are clearly laid out in a way that others can easily understand, others are able to be led effectively.

A study of very successful leaders reveals that organizing, planning, and directing others is an essential part of leadership.  Like anything you want to do well, find someone who has done very well in an area. Look at what they did and copy it. It is really that simple. 

To effectively direct others, a leader must know what they are doing or have the ability to do something successfully or efficiently.  This is competence.

In fact, “competence” is simply defined as the ability to do something successfully or efficiently.

Notice what is missing — no mention of intelligence, no mention of experience. Just get it done successfully and efficiently. That is it.

At the core of competence is PLANNING.  Preparation, planning, spending time looking at what you will do and then doing it. Competence is in getting it done. 

We are more efficient when we plan (one of the two characteristics of competence). We get more done successfully when we plan.

Daily planning is done for one reason — to give everyone the GIFT of competence. Without planning, competence drops. With planning, your competence goes up. 

Daily plans = increased competence = more gets done successfully and efficiently = increased value to yourself and your organization = more success for you and your team = more pride in work done well = more money for your team = more money for you = increased financial ability to freely do what you and your team want in life = increased happiness for self and those important to you.

Daily planning = increased competence = more gets done successfully and efficiently = immediate increased happiness. Some people just love getting things done.