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Now more than ever

task list

Now more than ever

Now, maybe more than ever in recent history, is the time to create the future.

Our actions today shape tomorrow.  Our decisions shape our actions.  Working hard keeps it all moving toward our goals.

Now is the time to invest in your future for the benefit of yourself and all those around you.

It is your life and you know what is best for you.

So, with that said, what is written below is intended to encourage and cheer you on for what you want for your life!

  1. Decide what you want your future to look like; personally and professionally.  Write it down.  You are worth the time invested in creating a picture of your future!
  2. Create and write down a plan.  What actions can you take to achieve your goals?
  3. Let others know what you want to accomplish.  Get support and agreement.  Share your goals with pride and pursue them with passion.  Do this and you will win over others.
  4. Plan every day.  Show up to work ready for the day.  Show up to meetings prepared.  Participate.  Show interest in what is going on around you.
  5. Care for others and find a way to encourage their passions too.  Be mindful to respect differences, not condemn or mock them.
  6. Be patient with yourself and those around you.  Mistakes will happen.  People are under a lot of stress under normal circumstances.  Life right now is anything but normal.  Be patient.
  7. Forgive yourself when you don’t live up to your own expectations.  Remember that there is no one between you and yourself when you turn on yourself and beat yourself up.  Don’t pick on you.
  8. Work hard.  Working hard does not have to be the same as hard work.  Work can be as fun as playing a game.  You decide how it feels.
  9. Be thankful for everyone around you.  The people that replace stop lights.  The people that dedicate their lives to educating others.  The people that are there when we buy food.  The people who help you at work.  The people you love.  The people that love you.
  10. Make time to celebrate life.  Pursue your interests.  Find new interests.  Find ways to have fun.  You decide what is fun.

You are not alone.  There are more people than you know that want your life to be amazing. You are loved.