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Lunch / Dinner recipe

pasta recipe

Lunch / Dinner recipe

I love to cook. No matter the pasta type, this recipe is a hit. Making it is fast and simple (under 30 minutes).

I prefer cheese tortellini because it makes everything even cheesier, but you can do this with any pasta really.

Bring water to a boil with a little salt and olive oil in the water.  Put the pasta in to cook – follow instructions on the pasta container.

While this is boiling, dice up garlic (about 3 tablespoons worth) and put in a microwave safe cup with a full stick of butter – melt butter with garlic in with butter.

Pull out when melted and add grated parmesan cheese – a lot – mix in with a fork/spatula with the butter until the consistency is similar to oatmeal – thick – lots of cheese.

Then pour over the pasta when the pasta is done.  You can add some herbs over the top like Italian parsley or just eat as-is.

Three simple ingredients: Pasta, Parmesan Cheese, and Garlic.