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How to win

Shon Holyfield - How to win

How to win

Win: To succeed or achieve a result (something done) through effort.

As professionals, we WIN because we get things DONE.  We get things DONE because we Care, we Understand, we Make it Simple, we decide to Be the Best, we Do the Impossible, we Do Things Right, we Create the Future through our actions today, and we Work Hard. 


Decide you can.  Don’t decide you can’t.  Please remember that the moment you decide you cannot do something, there you go, you have decided – game over. 

Get things DONE.  In order to win, we have to get things done.  In order to get things done we have to work hard. 

Daily plans, meetings, completing tasks, weekly reports – all of these TOOLS help us WIN (getting things done through effort).  Getting things DONE is the focus of every day.  It is the foundation of why we WIN.

Winning has nothing to do with others losing.
Winning has nothing to do with beating the competition.
Winning has nothing to do with being “better” or “smarter.”

Winning happens when we get things DONE.  In fact, winning only happens when we get things done. 

We don’t want others to do poorly. We don’t celebrate someone else losing. These are distractions and take our focus off what works – focus on getting things DONE.

Focus on getting things DONE and we all WIN.  Focus on the professionals that are succeeding and copy the crap out of what they successfully do at work to get things done (WIN).

Plan your day. Make time to get things DONE.  Get the things you plan DONE.

Don’t stop until you succeed.  Winning takes effort and that effort is so worth it!

If you get stuck – ask for help.   Winning often requires help from others. 

Don’t quit on you.  You are worth it.  Let’s WIN!