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Breakfast Spotlight – Avocado Toast – easy and yummy


Breakfast Spotlight – Avocado Toast – easy and yummy

Good morning,

Sometimes it can be challenging in the morning to know what to make for breakfast.

Here are some ideas on making Avocado Toast Amazing, Yummy, and fun.

Try them for breakfast, lunch, or a mid-day snack!

Here are Three (3) versions of Avocado Toast to try.

Avocado Toast with Arugula, Avocado and Lime Juice.

Put toast in toaster.  Take an avocado and mush it up all over the toast, pile the arugula on and squeeze lime juice over top.  Done!

Try with sourdough toast too!  So yummy!

Proud Mary’s in Portland is famous for their breakfasts.  Their Avocado Toast is no exception!

They pile on herbs (dill, mint) and then add a poached egg to the top.  Note the asparagus and peas.  That is next level.

Add a bit of lemon juice and you have an amazing toast.  They also drizzle a bit of pesto on the toast before adding all the other ingredients.

The basil pesto adds a nice twist that is yummy and filling.

You can also just add mixed greens to get some “salad” in your morning routine.

Avocado Toast with egg – Sourdough, maybe some cream cheese spread thinly over toast, then put the fresh avocado over the top.

Add a fried egg and you are done!