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Attitude is the great equalizer

Positive attitude

Attitude is the great equalizer

Your attitudes either help, speed up, and assist you in your career or they hinder, slow down, and hurt your progress in your career. Attitudes are how we think, feel, or act. They are reflected in how we choose to behave as we do things in our career. Attitude is a choice. An attitude can translate into how you have chosen to practice and embody your thoughts, feelings and choices — so that it becomes part of how you act; how we act as we progress in our career. 

Lou Holtz, a famous football coach, once said, “Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it.”

The one constant throughout your career is your attitude and how you act throughout the course of your career. No matter what your personal purposes or goals are for your life, your attitude is the one thing that is always there. Others see it. Others feel it. Others are either inspired by your attitudes or discouraged by them. Attitude may be the single most important factor in a person’s career.

To make your career successful, highly successful, it’s worth inspecting your own attitude and if it could bear some improvement. This is why we talk about attitude. This is why people spend years studying and seeking inspiration from highly successful people in all fields: sports, humanitarians, leaders, organizations, teams, groups, and more. Their intelligence, knowledge, expertise, wisdom, and leadership vary greatly. In fact, it is not always the smartest or more experienced person that wins or succeeds. It is the person or group with “winning” attitudes that succeed. 

A famous acting coach once said “Attitude monitors talent.” Which is to say, it doesn’t matter how talented you are. The world is full of people who “could have made it” and who had “so much potential” but their talent was overshadowed by poor attitudes and their career suffered because of it. 

When looking at highly successful people in all fields, the one thing they have in common is their attitude or how they act throughout the course of their career. This is why attitude is so critical to your success in your career. 

Quite possibly the most important attitude of all is a “positive attitude.” It is simply a decision to make the best of things in order to succeed in your career. It is worth going over this again. A Positive Attitude is a decision to make the best of things. With a positive attitude as your foundation — you can accomplish anything in your career.

Don’t confuse a positive attitude with something it is not. We are not talking about “being happy” or “being nice” or even “being friendly.” We are talking about how we act and how that impacts our success in our career. A positive attitude is a determination to never give up. A positive attitude is shaking off failure or confusion because you are focused on succeeding. A positive attitude is believing something can be done even when you don’t yet know how.