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A Good Life Lesson

Shon Holyfield blog post - Life lesson, do the right thing

A Good Life Lesson

My nana would always say to me as a kid, “There is no right way to do the wrong thing.” I probably use that quote every day at some level. It goes far beyond not doing a job correctly or cutting corners or doing things that aren’t ethical.

When I would mess up, which I did a lot as a kid, there was always an opportunity to make it right. To fix it through doing work or “making it up” to someone when I had done something not right.

That was kind of how my childhood went. If I did something wrong, it wasn’t the right thing to do and there was no right way to do it. It was just the wrong thing. I would then spend a little time making it up to the group or the person that I did that to. This was my entire childhood and just the way I was raised.

That really touched on all areas of my life. It went beyond simple “misbehaving.” It touched on areas like treating others well and never making fun of anyone – especially the things that are important to others; their faith, politics, sexual orientation, money, and even food.