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A few thoughts on leadership


A few thoughts on leadership

Leaders are experienced members of a team that decide to help others. I hear many people say, “All this starts at the top.” Sometimes this is true.  Sometimes it is not.  Sometimes it starts in the middle.  Sometimes it is a manager, team leader, or even a brand-new professional that gets things started too.  

Either way, no journey, game, career, or activity spends much time in the “start” stage.  Starting is important, but the journey in the middle (where we live every day) is more important.  It is where the real “work” happens.

Things start.  

Things then continue for a period of time — the journey, career, etc.

Things then stop.

Starting and stopping are fast activities.  Get going.  Stop going.  It is the “middle” part that is most important and that is the journey.  This is where we spend our time together for long periods of time at work.  Every one of us has an opportunity to improve the lives of those around us every day.  

We have an opportunity to learn something new.  To stay on the path of our journey.  We do this by creating a smile.  We do this by caring about one another.  By being thankful for each other.  By admiring differences – not mocking them.  By being a friend that supports the ideas of those around them – not find ways to criticize or belittle.  It takes a lot of work sometimes.  

It is all worth it.  The proof is in seeing others happier in their lives.

It continues because of everything done by every member of a team.  Please don’t ever take this all for granted.  Please don’t ever fall into the trap of thinking it is just you as a leader or just your team.  It takes everyone to be successful.  Please don’t ever forget that this journey won’t happen without you.

Thank you all for putting the energy and care into all you do for one another.  Thank yourself and those around you. Your professionals look to you for inspiration.  They may not always say it and at times, they may say they don’t need it.

Either way, as a leader you are the “head coach.”  When times are tough, when they are filled with doubt about their future or career, you can guide them. Focus on our purpose.  Talk about it often.  Share with them how they have improved your life.  What they have done that has made your life better for them in it.  

Make sure you make the time to connect what they do every day to your company’s purpose. We improve lives.  You too can improve the lives of those you lead by focusing on our purpose and remind them of how successful they are in accomplishing it.  

In time, you’ll find that leading this way is much more rewarding for all people involved.