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A culture of kindness


A culture of kindness

To ensure the success of any company, it’s vital to lay the groundwork by creating a culture of kindness. Inclusiveness and kindness are virtues that go hand in hand, especially in the workplace. Making every one of your colleagues and employees feel that they have value, that they’re part of a team, and that they have something to contribute that helps the group as a whole — that’s a workplace I’m sure a lot of us would want to be a part of.

Acts of kindness cost you nothing. It’s the little things that add up to a whole, and those little things have enormous positive effects.

Look for ways to make people around you feel more comfortable. Hold or open the door for others. Answer questions for new employees in a respectful way. Compliment someone on a job well done. Wave or say hello in passing. Be patient when someone is learning something new. Be genuinely interested in what someone has to say. Listen to a problem that someone is experiencing — ask if they want help with a solution or just someone to listen.

Empathize with someone who trusts you enough to talk about what they’re going through. Allow a colleague or friend to vent their frustration with a situation on you. Give someone a ride when they need it. Let someone know when they have something in their teeth. Buy someone a meal. Help a coworker when they have a question. Let someone know when they do a good job or do something that helps you out. Treat others how you would want to be treated.

Extend a helping hand. Run errands for someone who doesn’t have the time to do it themselves. Say hello, acknowledge someone’s presence — make them feel seen. Granting someone the importance and value that they inherently have, goes a long way to cultivating a culture of kindness and inclusiveness in a workplace, and life in general.

Smile. Be courteousBe kind .