Shon Holyfield, ShonHolyfield, TTR, CEO
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Shon HolyfieldShon HolyfieldShon Holyfield

About Shon Holyfield

Shon Holyfield is the founder and former CEO of TTR, a company that specializes in Sales, Use, and Transaction tax and is one of the Best Places to Work in Oregon. Through his career of over 20 years, Shon has had a purpose to improve the quality of people’s lives and translated that into creating Amazing Workplace, a company dedicated to the improvement of lives by improving their workplaces.

Shon went to Notre Dame Law School and Yale’s School of Management. He was Tax Director at a Fortune 500 company and is now one of the nation’s leading experts on issues around sales, use, and transaction tax, as well as workplace culture. A passionate CEO, Shon’s aim is to build a culture where his employees can thrive, succeed and feel safe. He is also a father and loves spending time with his children at home in Oregon.